Welcome to the KIWI-biolab seminar series

We have organized the KIWI-biolab seminar series. Once a month we will have the opportunity to host an expert in one or various of the topics related to our lab, including bioprocess development, machine intelligence and automation, among others.

Visit this website to stay tunned! If you want to receive the invitation for the upcoming talks, please, send an email to marta.gonzalezgomez@tu-berlin.de

KIWI-biolab Talk: Marieke Klijn, TU Delft

Data-driven bioprocess development

19.01.2022, virtual

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KIWI-biolab Talk: Hosein Mohimani, Carnegie Mellon University

Computational methods for discovering microbial natural products with antibiotic activity

14.10.2021, virtual

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KIWI-biolab Talk: Antonio del Rio Chanona, Imperial College London

Data-driven optimization and control of chemical processes

15.09.2021, virtual

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