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KIWI-biolab lab tour within the World Bioprocesssing Pharma 4.0 Summit

27-29.09.2023, Berlin

We open our labs on 27.09.2023!

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Guided KIWI-biolab tour in the frame of the ECCE/ECAB 2023

17-21.09.2023, Berlin

A selected group of scientits will visit our lab on 19.09.2023!

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Agilent Announces Thought Leader Award to Peter Neubauer

August 2023

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18-21.06.2023, Athens

Nico Cruz at ESCAPE-33

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Long Night of the Sciences

17.06.2023, Berlin

Sharing what we do

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FutureLabs Live

30.05-02.06.2023, Basel

The KIWI-biolab at the FutureLabs Live

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15-17.05.2023, Weimar

Annina Kemmer will give a talk

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09-11.05.2023, Hannover

The KIWI-biolab at Labvolution

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Pharma 4.0 Global Bioprocessing

10-12.05.2023, Berlin

Talk and visit to our labs!

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Biotech Days 2022

09-10.09.2022, Karlsruhe

Therese Schermeyer presents the KIWI-biolab

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18-19.10.2022, Berlin

Mark Dörr presents the KIWI-biolab

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SmartLabs Congress 2022

08-09.09.2022, London

Mark Dörr talks about the lab of the future

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22-26.08.2022, Frankfurt am Main

Visit the KIWI-biolab booth!

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European Robotics Forum 2022

28-30.06.2022, Rotterdam

Nico Cruz at the Novel Turing Challenge

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13th IFAC Symposium on Dynamics and Control of Process Systems

14-17.06.2022, Busan

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12-15.06.2022, Toulouse

Modelling and Simulation

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Future Labs Live 2022

7-8.06.2022, Basel

Machine intelligence for lab transformation

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BioProcess International Europe 2022

17-20.05.2022, Vienna

Digital Twins and robotic experimental facilities for bioprocess development

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7th BioProScale Symposium 2022

28-31.03.2022, Berlin

High-throughput bioprocessing and automation

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ACS spring 2022

20-24.03.2022, San Diego

AI meets upstream process development

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Niels Krausch and Robert Giessmann win the FAIR4Chem Award

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KIWI-biolab at the EuroPACT2021

15-17.11.2021, online

Annina Kemmer holds a talk

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World Bioprocessing Summit

27-29.10.2021, Berlin

The KIWI-biolab opens its labs to the conference attendees

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Deutsche Biotechnologietage 2021

20-21.09.2021, Stuttgart

Nico Cruz talks about lab automation

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Engineering the Future

20-23.09.2021, digital

The KIWI-biolab at the ECCE/ECAB 2021

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MiLA is fully deployed!


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KIWI scientists at the DSSV-ECDA 2021

07-09.07.2021, Rotterdam

Stefan Born, Nghia Duong-Trung, Jong Woo Kim and Christoph Lange, speakers at the ECDA 2021

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Digital Twins for Autonomous Bioprocess Development

23.06.2021, Basel

Nico Cruz at the Symposium on An Open Approach to Closed-Loop Experimental Systems

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The LARA Software Suite

21-22.06.2021, Basel

Mark Dörr presents LARA at the Future Labs Live 2021

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KIWI-biolab at BioTalk VT

15-16.06.2021, online

Global Manufacturing Strategies

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KIWI scientists invited to the HTCD 2021

14-15.06.2021, digital

Stefan Born, Mark Dörr and Peter Neubauer, plenary speakers at the HTCD 2021

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KIWI scientists at ESCAPE-31

06-09.06.2021, Istambul

Ernesto Martínez will present the KIWI-biolab platform at the ESCAPE-31

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Faster to new biopharmaceuticals in the Future Lab

24.04.2021, Berlin

Ideation Workshop at the TU Berlin

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KIWI scientists at the BioProScale 2021

29.03.2021 – 31.03.2021, Berlin

Talks & posters

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KIWI new members, welcome!


Marie-Therese, Lucas, Christoph and Nghia, welcome to the team!

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KIWI new members, welcome!


Jong, Judit and Tilman, welcome to the team!

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Launch of the KIWI-biolab


The KIWI-biolab has officially started!

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